Ways to Donate

There are many ways to give to Mission Kids’ Forever Home Campaign. We would love to come and speak to you about your gift in person before you make a decision- please contact Oona Marti, Capital Campaign Chair at oona@missionkidsco-op.org to set up a meeting.

Cash and Checks
Most of the gifts to our campaign are made with personal checks or credit card gifts. Please make out your check to Mission Kids and note “capital campaign” in the memo field so that we can attribute it to the right account. Checks can be mailed to our current address, 1050 South Van Ness Ave, SF CA 94110, Attn: Room 101. Or you can make a gift online here.

Gifts of Stock
Mission Kids welcomes donations of securities, including stock and mutual funds. Appreciated stock donations may help you avoid capital gains taxes and can help reduce your income tax burden. 

To make a stock gift, notify your broker that you wish to transfer securities into Mission Kids’ account with Wells Fargo. You will need to give your broker the following information:

Company: Wells Fargo
DTC #: 0141
Wells Fargo Account Title: MISSION KIDS
Wells Fargo Account #: 6549-3062

In order for us to properly receive the gifted shares into our account and to provide an accurate and timely acknowledgement for your tax records, please send us:

  • A concurrent notification with the donor’s name
  • The type and number of shares being transferred
  • The name and phone number of the donor’s broker

This notification should be sent to:

Oona Marti, Capital Campaign Chair
Mission Kids
1050 South Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110


Electronic Funds Transfer
If you would like to spread out your pledge payments, you can choose to make these via electronic funds transfer (ETF). For automatic checks, please send to Mission Kids, 1050 South Van Ness Ave, SF CA 94110. To transfer funds directly into the Mission Kids banking account, please get in touch with Oona Marti, Capital Campaign Chair at oona@missionkidsco-op.org.

Matching Gift
Many local companies generously match the donations made by their employees. This is an easy way to increase your gift to the campaign without giving more yourself! Please contact the human resources department of your employer to ask if they make matching gifts. We are happy to help fill out any required paperwork and requests can be sent to donations@missionkidsco-op.org.