Our emergent and play-based curriculum fosters compassion, curiosity, and a love of learning. Children share responsibility for themselves and their environment. They plan and tend to our garden, care for school animals, prepare snacks and clean up after meals, keep their belongings in their cubbies, recycle and compost, keep themselves and each other safe, and participate in many other activities that develop self-reliance and a sense of responsibility.

We believe children should have a choice in their activities, and our schedule and newly-remodeled space allow children a wide variety of experiences—group and individual play, indoor and outdoor space, fine and gross motor activities, imaginative play, art, music, and much more.

Our child-centered curriculum

  • Encourages children’s sense of freedom and enthusiasm for life and learning.
  • Provides children with an environment that develops and maintains their confidence, competence, and self-esteem.
  • Fosters the development of kind, compassionate, empathetic behavior.
  • Teaches children the meaning and value of peace, open-mindedness, and respect.
  • Teaches children how to articulate and appreciate their own feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Teaches children to resolve conflict in a nonviolent, nonjudgmental way through communication and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Cultivates children’s sense of creativity, curiosity, and wonder.
  • Helps children recognize and appreciate diversity in all its forms: in nature, thought, families, and communities.
  • Fosters each individual child’s growth and development in a way and at a pace that is right for him or her.
  • Promotes joy and fun.