Why is Mission Kids moving?

Our lease is up and we are losing our space. We need to find a new home.

Is there really enough demand to allow us to double in size?

Yes! Our waiting list is regularly three times as long as the number of families we can admit. In fact, the principal of a nearby public elementary school who learned about Mission Kids from our talented alumni attending her school, recently approached us, hoping to send her child to Mission Kids, but we were unfortunately not able to accommodate her!

Are there other benefits to us owning our own space?

Yes! Because we will have complete control over the site, we will be able to use it whenever we like—including potentially expanding our hours to include aftercare and having community events in the evening.

When will the new school open? What’s the timeline for this project?

After closing on the property in August, we finished the design and permitting processes and began demolition and construction in October 2019. We are looking to open in time for the 2020-21 school year!

Check out this sneak peek of our new home!

How much will the project cost? Who is paying for it?

We expect the project to have a total cost of $9.2M. The majority of the funds are from public sources, all of these have been pledged or received already. The final $530,000 necessary for the project is being raised from private sources.

Where are you in the fundraising process?

We began our campaign at the beginning of the summer of 2018 and have already raised $360,000! We are now expanding our circle and reaching out to alumni families, close friends of the school, and private foundations and corporations.

Can I make my gift to Mission Kids payable over several years?

Yes, we encourage you to consider making payments on your gift over three years or less.