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Mission Kids is a child-centered, play-based cooperative preschool, currently serving 50 children between three classrooms each day. Children range in age from two years to those entering kindergarten. Our program is designed to nurture children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth by creating a peaceful classroom environment where children can explore while feeling respected and secure.

Mission Kids is located at 1050 South Van Ness, in a church-owned community building between 21st and 22nd Streets. We have three classrooms with access to kitchens, outdoor courtyards, and animals. We have a white line outside the building for drop-off and pick-up.

Each family is responsible for working a shift in the classroom, holding a parent job, as well as volunteering a certain number of hours towards maintaining the school, and participating in our annual fundraiser. Families also attend member meetings and parent education workshops, provide food and drinks for these meetings and donate to our annual fund.

For more information about our fees and family commitment, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page on the website, or contact us at

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